Sherwood Park Paving

PPark Paving Ltd. started in the early 1970s as a family owned business called Sherwood Park Paving. Hugh Williams, along with his wife Anne and son Mike, started into the asphalt patching business.

The 1970s in Alberta offered opportunity for expansion and in July of 1975 they incorporated the company as Sherwood Park Paving Ltd.   This opportunity coupled with hard work and dedication offered Sherwood Park Paving potential for growth.   The company progressed from asphalt patching to asphalt paving projects.

In 1979, Rick Gowetor joined the company as a partner and General Manager. Rick led the company through the difficult 80s while growing and strengthening the company.   Sherwood Park Paving became a respected company in the commercial and private development arena in and around the Edmonton area.  The ambition of the team continued to focus on opportunity and growth, soon they ventured into municipal road construction.   Shortly after this expansion, Perry Nishiyama joined the firm’s operations and later became partner in the company.  By this time, Sherwood Park Paving had expanded into all types of asphalt paving including major city arterial roadways.

Becoming Park Paving

Hugh and Anne Williams retired from the company in 1988 leaving Mike Williams, Perry Nishiyama, and Rick Gowetor, the remaining partners, with a strong operation. Sherwood Park Paving continued to capitalize on opportunity in the market, which led to a successful expansion into concrete construction. The 1990s also led to the start of the first recycle initiative for the partners, a cold milling pavement-profiling company named Asphalt Reclaiming Company (ARC). This led to the use of recycled product through incorporating recycled asphalt product (RAP) though the company’s asphalt plants. About this time (1992) the company named changed to Park Paving Ltd. The partners continued to see recycling as not only an opportunity but also as a socially responsible vision. They ventured into the Hot In Place Recycling with the start of PRT (Pavement Recycling Technologies).  In 1998 Rick Gowetor decided to enjoy the fruits of his labour and stepped away from the day-to-day operations leaving the company in the hands of Mike and Perry.

As growth continued, it became clear that the Park Paving had a strong focus in recycling. The venture into Hot In Place Recycling was discontinued as the belief in Full Depth Reclamation and Cold In Place Recycling began to strengthen within the industry. The millennium took Park Paving into recycling concrete and asphalt rubble with the start of RCI (Recycle Crushing Industries). In 2002 saw the implementation of Foamed Asphalt for both the Cold In Place Recycling Train and Full Depth Reclamation machines and these technologies continue to improve and provide environmentally sustainable options.

More than just a paving company…

In 2008 the Park Paving group of companies grew into new market places with the creation of RROX Aggregates Ltd., producers and suppliers of high quality aggregate materials.

With continued expansion and a focus on core corporate beliefs many opportunities have been, and will continue to be available to Park Paving and our staff.   Park Paving has come a long way from its roots.   A new focus on encouraging and mentoring our managers to promote a strong corporate structure will ensure the long-term success of our company.   Looking back at this brief history makes the staff and management proud to be a part of the growth and development of a great company.

ready-mix concrete truck

Growing towards the future…

Park’s foray into material supply didn’t stop at new aggregates.  In 2016, Park Paving ventured into the world of ready-mix concrete with the opening of Park Ready Mix (PRM).  PRM was an immediate success for the company pumping out some of the highest quality ready-mix concrete available in the Edmonton market.